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Coherent Designs

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Coherent Designs provides services in internet and Macintosh ® computer consultancy.

Coherent Designs can:

I have been online since the mid-1980s. I have over three years experience as a computer field engineer and have formal qualifications in BASIC, FORTRAN and Pascal programming languages and experience in PostScript and Perl (I won’t mention the COBOL if you don’t).

I have been using Apple computers since 1984.

I have tech support experience with a Windows small office network including PC systems analysis, cabling, backup, help desk, front line repair, anti-virus & malware; hardware, peripheral & software analysis, purchase, installation & updating.

I would be ecstatic to tell you about the fantastic range of open source systems and software solutions that might just be the thing for you. You might consider Ubuntu as an operating system replacement for Windows or Intel based Mac; OpenOffice for Windows and NeoOffice for Mac, as your compatible general office software for word processing, spreadsheets, presentation, graphics and databases; GIMP for your photo and image editing; Scribus for your desktop publishing; and Audacity for sound recording and editing.

I have designed and implemented web sites totally inhouse:

  1. consultation with client
  2. graphic adaptation
  3. web site design
  4. web site coding
  5. PerlScript Active Server Pages
    1. design
    2. coding
    3. testing
  6. testing and updating sites
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Payment and legal details

Payment is available through a PayPal business account, so you can pay by PayPal or credit card.

Please make all payments to "Coherent Designs".

I don’t guarantee any of my services or products to do anything in particular at all; I do think they are good quality at an economical price; however, if your use of any of these services or items causes some damage, distress or inconvenience you can’t blame me, bill me nor sue me beyond the extent allowed you by law anyway. I might give you your money back (only if you have paid me, and only as much as you have paid me) if you are really unhappy with the quality of any article or service.

I live and work proudly in Armidale, New South Wales, Australia. As such this licence operates under the laws of NSW and of The Commonwealth of Australia.

Privacy Policy

I won’t sell you for spam fodder; no information you give will be sold nor otherwise be used outside this organisation (unless required by law). The usual web server statistics are being collected, including your IP and time of visit.

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This site was founded December 1998; based on a sub-domain founded April 1998.

this page last updated 21 February 2011

Coherent Designs
51 Solomon Avenue, Armidale NSW 2350, Australia
Australia: 02 6772 2195   international: 61 2 6772 2195
New South Wales Business Registration No.: Q8549709
ABN: 89 941 357 784
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